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Thread: 07 zzr1400 turbo build

Created on: 11/16/23 07:25 AM

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07 zzr1400 turbo build
11/16/23 7:25 AM

Hi,im pretty new to the whole turbo stuff and would really appreciate any help from the experienced people here.

Im looking to build the first turbo zx14 in my country (israel), my goal is to build the ultimate bike to compete with the super fast cars here (1500-2000+ hp cars mostly gtr and r8).

From my research i need to fully build the engine (uncertain about bigger bore), rcc stage 1 kit, extended swingarm, some sort of ecu management unit (maxxecu, pc5/6 pti, motec m130…
Don’t really know if bigger cc is needed or if I can get away with using a pcv instead of a standalone ecu.

Would really appreciate any help and information about what I should do and The kind of setup is recommended for that type of goal.

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RE&#x3a&#x3b; 07 zzr1400 turbo build
11/16/23 9:25 PM

I think he built a 14 turbo, but I don't see it on his youtube channel. Might direct you in the to someplace or he has a kit?

As far as bigger bore, kawi only makes one piston size. Shows no bore graduations so it's more a one hit wonder. Cylinder barrels are part of the top engine case.

Others will chime in on the setup, what to watch out for and all that.

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