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Thread: 06 ZX14 turbo project

Created on: 11/16/23 11:59 PM

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06 ZX14 turbo project
11/16/23 11:59 PM

Hi guys,

Since upgrading my daily ride to a 2013 Gen2 I don't ride my 2006 Gen1 at all but its been a great bike and not worth much to sell so I am looking at turbo charging it. This is something I have been reading about for ages and always been fascinated by, so the only way to get it out of my head is to build it and ride it.

The plan is to go basic with the unopened motor, if it gives way (due to high kms or boost greed) then I will rebuild it stronger for more boost. I want to keep the turbo concealed and will probably run a full exhaust for legality and stealth. I am hoping for 250 rwhp, anything above that is a bonus.

This will be a home build as much as possible, partly to save money and also to stay hands-on with it. I want to keep the project simple as the simpler it is then the more likely it is to actually happen. I have my youngest son to help me so its a great project for us both to learn and for father-son time :)

I am looking at a manifold from Monster Turbos along with their trick mechanical scavenge pump. I will source a turbo locally and fabricate the rest as required. So my questions are:

1. Can I use a turbo with an internal wastegate to keep the project simple? I'm sure they can handle the horsepower level I am looking at.
2. How critical is the exhaust a/r? Most online turbos seem to be in the 0.68 to 0.73 range, will this suffice?
3. I see everyone adds an external regulator, don't these have an internal regulator in the fuel pump housing? I want to retain the factory fuel pump setup so how do you bypass the regulator and where do you plumb the return line to?
4. I saw people saying that they don't vacuum reference the external regulator but do boost reference it, is that because the factory n/a mapping is for fixed fuel pressure (not relative to vacuum)?
5. Can I wire an aftermarket 3 bar map to one of the PCV inputs? I already have a PCV and don't want to buy a PTI model just for this function if possible.
6. How much HP will a full length exhaust cost me? I know some guys use them (Romans?)
7. I may go for a small stretch to help it going forwards instead of upwards (this is a road bike that will get drag raced)
8. Why do some turbo kits face left and some right? What is the benefit of either? I assume I will have the exhaust on the right side in line with the common single exhaust side fitment.
9. With a water to air intercooler - there are some really nice units available but where do you put the extra radiator on a ZX14?
10. Anything else you guys want to highlight before I jump in to this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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