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Thread: Measuring proper oil level

Created on: 06/01/17 07:50 AM

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Measuring proper oil level
06/01/17 7:50 AM


I feel like this is a dumb question but it'll ask it anyways. Can you do it on the center stand? If not, when the bike is stood up and while looking at the sight glass, are you looking for the oil to be half up, full or 1/3s? I feel like I'm putting way too much oil in since it's leaking out while on the kickstand but not when it's on the center stand.

Please Help.
Thanks !

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RE: Measuring proper oil level
06/01/17 10:43 AM

I can't tell you what center stand will do. I don't have one. I'd say to do it off the stand, but I'm sure someone with it can tell you better.

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RE: Measuring proper oil level
06/01/17 3:38 PM

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RE: Measuring proper oil level
01/08/18 4:14 AM

Just an FYI for anyone seeking an actual answer, you can check the oil level on the c-stand if the front wheel is lifted about an inch or so to bring it up the same distance off the deck as the rear.

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