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Thread: Givi Trunk

Created on: 09/15/15 06:56 PM

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Givi Trunk
09/15/15 6:56 PM

Givi trunk and mounting plate.
4 "highway bar" pegs mounts hold a 1.25" 316 stainless tube to the bike.
I had the 316 stainless tubes honed out to make a slip fit over the 1" 304 stainless tubes which i then had bent at a 4.75" radius bend but not quite a full 180 degree bend.

The reason i did it this way is so that i can adjust the trunk where i want it. Over the passenger seat, behind the passenger seat if i have a passenger, or slide out leaving only 2 tubes under my subframe.

i am still going to do some trimming of a few ends and paint most of the stainless black except for the slip fit areas.

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RE: Givi Trunk
09/18/15 2:28 PM

Looks very clever. Be sure to post a pic when you get finished.

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RE: Givi Trunk
10/02/15 2:32 AM

Nice work, I think black will blend in well.

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RE: Givi Trunk
10/02/17 6:16 PM

do you have anymore photos of this setup?

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RE: Givi Trunk
01/01/18 4:41 PM

Can you post the lengths of the tubes and if you have the Givi mounting plate permanently attached to the curved tubes? Also, can you post a pic of the mounts used to attach the tubes to the bike? Looks like a great setup!

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